Cenote Zaci is only 20 minutes walk from our Hostel

Visit our fantastic Cenote Zaci in Valladolid and enjoy your dinner with a spectacular view on that nature's jewel. You will have memories for the rest of your life.

Yucatan Peninsula is a land of ubiquitous cenotes. There are lots of them both commercialized and properly maintained as well wild and forgotten. You can learn more about them by visiting that link.

However, staying even one day in Valladolid, you must visit our local cenote. Yes, we are so lucky, and we are blessed by Cenote Zaci, which is only 20 minutes walk from our Hostel. You can always shorten your trip and rent a bike! But we recommend a slow walk to enjoy the streets of our town.

Our cenote is not so famous as Cenote Ik Kil, obligatory visited by all who commute to admire Chichen Itza, so if you are lucky, you can feel its charm even without crowds.

The Valladolid’s jewel has almost all in one. The big cave, the emerald water deep to 100 meters, bats, fish, stalagmites, and stalactites and hanging, abundant greenery all over around. Because of its depth, you can jump into the water from the height of about 8 meters – it is the option for brave ones. . We do not recommend that place for snorkeling but rather for swimming. The water is not a crystal one, and the depth of the sinkhole allows us to admire only steep walls. You will have that place for long in your memory

The cenote is open from 8 a.m to 17.30 p.m. At the entrance, you will find a good restaurant with a view of the cenote. It is a unique place, which offers local cuisines at very affordable prices. Visit its Facebook page to check what do they offer.

If you spend 100 MXN in the restaurant, you will not be charged the entrance fee, it is a very reasonable offer, isn’t it? But even if you do not enjoy its kitchen, you must pay only 30 MXN as the entrance fee. It makes our cenote as one of the cheapest among other ones.

You will appreciate this place primarily in the summer as it is an excellent refugee from the unbelievable hot temperatures.

Be in Valladolid and do not see Cenote Zaci, would be a real shame. So, do not miss your chance when you visit our town.



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