How to start cooperation with us?

If you are a newborn seller or you are an experienced one, we are pleased that you are about to join our team. There is always great excitement at the beginning of new work or the new product introduction to your offer.

Let’s start.

    1. Click on and register.
    2. Then you can log in here
    3. After logging in, you will be asked to send us your PayPal email, necessary to send you the transfer of your affiliate income.
    4. Finally, you will be redirected to the Affiliates’ Panel and have a chance to choose one of your affiliate links.
    5. If you are a webmaster all is easy, or it shall be easy at least. If you are not a one, you need to prepare your LINK which you will use to send via all kinds of media or even you can write it down on the sheet of paper and give your friend to enter the website before they buy a product!
    6. Step 1
    7. Step 2
    8. If your customer enters our page using your link you will get 7% of the commission. The computers will remember the cookies for the next 180 days. Of course, the commission is granted only when a customer buys a night(s) in our hostel.

If you like to redirect the client to another webpage e.g rooms list, paste the link to the page and generate a new, unique link. Now your client will be redirected to a new page. Of course, all previous links will be also valid. 

Now try to use it by yourself and send the link to your friend or just post it on your Twitter, Facebook,WhatsApp etc. If you have any additional questions, contact our webmaster

Good Luck!